Transformation & Advisory

Strategic Planning, Enablement & Alignment

Now more than ever, today’s business leaders understand that in order to unleash corporate performance they must first unleash human performance.


Strategic direction is of little value until it leads to high-quality performance. Sure Power Consulting specializes in helping clients to actualize their strategies into high-impact business results. Organizations invest a lot of resources in defining their direction and developing a long-term strategy for delivering business value. However, many fall short of achieving their desired business results because it often lacks a corresponding well-planned, well-managed execution and alignment plan. Our Strategy Planning, Enablement & Alignment practitioners bring academic rigor and real-world experience to the table, helping organizations refine their strategic direction and translate that direction into actionable plans that create the conditions needed for the organization's success. As our clients' advisor and consultant, we bring together experience and insight into our clients' cultures and capabilities to design a realistic path forward that organizations can execute and deliver the intended results.

  • Human Performance & Performance Improvement
  • Business Transformation & Organzational Change

    Business Transformation & Organzational Change

    Integrated within each of our engagements is our driving concern for performance sustainability. Sure Power focuses on the "change" effects on every engagement.

    Tailored to specific needs of each client, our Practitioners use a variety of tools to ensure that all of the work clients have put into improvements isn't lost through lack of understanding by customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

    In doing so, we help every member of the organization undergoing the change to feel a greater personal connection to their specific performance, and by extension, with the performance of the company itself.

    Our change management and communication services have guided clients through integrations, restructuring, product and service launches, and improved processes and HC systems. Change management is one of the most complex business problems to address and is often overlooked as a key factor of success. When effectively managed, the resulting competitive advantage and operational savings have significant, breakthrough business value.

  • Organizational Health & Scaling to Growth
  • Service Excellence & Customer Experience
  • Executive Advisory

    Executive Advisory

    Sure Power's Executive Advisory & Counsel services provide an integrated approach founded on behavioral sciences. It encapsulates personal development, beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, motivation levels, critical thinking, and adult and social learning, as well as personal and organizational dynamics and management.

    To sustain high levels of business performance in today’s environment, executives must continuously adapt and change. Sure Power focuses on the alignment of an organization’s leadership development to their organization strategic direction.

    • Executive Team Effectiveness & Alignment
    • Executive Governance
    • Executive Capability & Continuous Development
    • Accelerated Leadership Development & Executive Integration
    • Executive Communication & Relationship Management
    • Managing Culture & Change
  • Corporate Renewal & Organizational Effectiveness