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SAP Utilities

There's a reason 78% of the Top 50 utilities run SAP.


For more than 2,200 organizations in 70 countries, SAP is the software of choice for addressing the rapid and global modernization taking place within the Energy, Utility, and Oil and Gas sectors. Robust and feature-rich, and designed to scale to levels necessary to support the world’s largest and most process-complex organizations, the importance of engaging only the most qualified and capable SAP consultants cannot be overstated. Accordingly, there should be no question in your mind when it comes to selecting subject matter experts to support your SAP initiative. It's not enough for your consultants to simply be qualified; they must also possess the operational and/or technical experience unique to your specific industry. Sure Power's consultants are tenured and tested, and capable of materially contributing to your efforts to maximize revenue and achieve sustainable growth through SAP’s comprehensive utility solutions. Call us today to discuss your SAP initiative and how Sure Power can contribute to your success.

  • Business Analysts
  • CR&B Rates Configuration Specialists
  • CRM Process Designers
  • Downstream Financial Reporting Architects
  • Functional Design Consultants
  • Integration Managers
  • Nuclear Consultants

  • PRA Functional Specialists
  • Process Design Consultants
  • QA Testers
  • SAP Data Architects
  • SAP/GIS Subject Matter Experts
  • Solutions Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Trainers / Content Developers
  • CR & B

    CR & B

    SAP’s customer solution integrates sales with billing, ensuring proper invoicing and enhanced customer satisfaction. Sure Power consultants have implemented and integrated SAP’s solution to allow for better management of receivables, payments, collections, and other financial customer service processes, allowing clients to maximize process automation and deliver consistent system performance and scalability.

    Bill to Cash

    Sales and Customer Service for Residential Customers

    Sales and Customer Service for Commercial and Industrial Customers

    Multichannel Marketing


  • Energy Supply Chain

    Energy Supply Chain

    Sure Power Consultants specializing in Supply Chain Management leverage SAP technologies to reduce procurement costs and create efficient business processes that allow clients to maintain appropriate control and visibility of their operations. Our consultants have utilized SAP to integrate the various levels of supply chain management into one business platform supporting all enterprise functions.

    Energy Portfolio Management

    Energy and Environmental Resource Management

    Fuel Supply Chain Management

  • Operational Efficiency

    Operational Efficiency

    Sure Power Consulting resources support the life cycle management of physical assets and work management solutions, improving utilization and performance, reducing capital cost, and covering all areas of planning and scheduling. Utilizing SAP technologies, our consultants have been able to optimize asset usage by providing subject matter expertise on technical data, predictive maintenance, procurement, and project costing.

    Capital Portfolio and Project Management

    Asset Visibility and Performance

    Asset Operations and Maintenance


  • Intelligent Grid

    Intelligent Grid

    Meter Data Management and Operations

    Grid Data Processing and Analysis

    Demand-side Management

    Customer Education


  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Clients can leverage Sure Power Resources to obtain a more robust system that encompasses Core HR and Payroll, Talent Management, and Workforce Planning & Analytics. Utilizing SAP SuccessFactors for HCM, Sure Power Consultants have collaborated with clients to create an environment that supports an organizations’ unique needs.

    Core HR and Payroll

    Talent Management

    Time and Attendance Management

    Workforce Planning and Analytics

  • Finance


    Clients can utilize financial management and accounting software from SAP in conjunction with Sure Power Consulting industry expertise to improve financial planning and analysis, enterprise risk and compliance, and management of receivables and invoices.

    Financial Planning and Analysis

    Accounting and Financial Close

    Treasury and Financial Risk Management

    Collaborative Finance Operations

    Enterprise Risk and Compliance

  • HANA


    With the emergence of Big Data, business results and decision-making in today’s environment require access to real-time information. SAP HANA allows businesses to quickly and accurately analyze and present disparate data sources to accelerate decision-making.

  • Program / Project Mgt

    Program / Project Mgt

    Sure Power’s Program / Project Management Consultants are generally PMP certified professionals with significant – if not exclusive – experience assisting utility companies insure transparency, infrastructure, communication, and process discipline in their efforts to insure projects.  Whether directing a large enterprise program comprised of several projects, or simply leading a single project with a narrow scope, Sure Power can help.