Corporate Renewal & Organizational Effectiveness


  • Post Merger & Acquisition Integration

    Post Merger & Acquisition Integration

    Once a deal closes on an acquisition or merger, the real work of maximizing value begins.

    Sure Power provides proven leadership in the areas of strategy development, planning and execution, resource integration and performance management.

    Newly merged companies always face the challenges of thinking though the cultural implications of the newly formed enterprise; correctly estimating system needs; understanding all human capital implications; and ensuring continuity in service to internal and external customers.

    Understandably the structure of the deal affects the potential of the deal, but it’s the work after it closes that really determine the ultimate value. Utilizing a proven methodology along with their unique experience, the practitioners at Gratia Resources understand how to realize that value for our clients.

  • Sales & Contact Optimization

    Sales & Contact Optimization

    It is easier to create a positive ROI with a sales team, but that is no excuse for why so many contact initiatives operate at a loss to the organization.

    At the very least, these efforts should provide a communication channel where you can learn how customers interact with your products - and reinforce the company brand.

    We understand humans and how they have changed - mobile ubiquity, changes in consumer attention, desire for authenticity and engagement - the need for control in the B2C relationship.

    Inbound marketing is becoming more about the content and context so the contact center has to be tailored to that end. There is no one size or type that fits all.

  • Operational Excellence & Process Improvement

    Operational Excellence & Process Improvement

    Even when your operations and profitability are satisfactory, you may wonder whether you?re doing enough to stay ahead of the competition. Why be satisfied with second place, when you could be in first?

    Operational excellence is the result of the right direction and prioritization, aligned resources and capabilities, utilization of the "best fit" tools and technologies, and the application of appropriate, relevant measures, which integrate the organization. Operational excellence emanates from clear direction, and a strong link between the people, management, and operating systems.

    Sure Power provides a full spectrum of integrated operational, strategic, and human capital services to help our clients reduce costs, continue to improve performance, and boost their bottom line. We tailor our approach to a client's specific needs; after all, no two companies are alike -- and neither are any two solutions.