Human Performance & Performance Improvement


  • Strategic Leadership Development

    Strategic Leadership Development

    From enterprise governance and structure to development engines, Sure Power's Strategic Leadership Development practitioners' are focused on enabling leadership across a wide range of industries in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

    Organizations worldwide spend in the region of $1 billion every year training people to be better leaders, but very often only succeed in making managers better at management. In short, they fail to develop real leadership.

    The problem is that too many organizations mistake management for leadership and do not link executives' leadership behavior with strategic achievement.

    The Strategic Leadership Development work will impact all levels of an organization, but it primarily focuses on opportunities involved with a company's leadership, including Senior and Executive Leadership's individual and team leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

  • Employee Engagement & Loyalty

    Employee Engagement & Loyalty

    Most of our clients share a few important traits - one of which is they value employee loyalty as much as customer loyalty, and keeping their people engaged and growing. At these client companies we often find senior management logging hours on the front lines, listening in on phones in the call center, or working by staffers' sides.

    The connection between satisfied employees and contented customers is hardly a new concept. Any business-school student can recite by heart the concept of the "service-profit chain," which draws the inextricable link between the front line and satisfied customers.

    In our practice, we focus on:

    • Employee Evolvement and Effectiveness
    • Employee Retention and Acquisition Analysis
    • Employee Loyalty Metrics (Cost and Productivity Analysis)
  • Human Capital Integration & Succession Development

    Human Capital Integration & Succession Development

    Our Human Capital Integration practitioners have three areas of focus: 1) the alignment between a client's organization's strategic objectives and their employees' performance, 2) effective execution to those strategic objectives, and 3) their capability to renew themselves, their capabilities and resources to meet the future needs of the company and their customers.

    The competencies utilized in this practice focus on human capital from strategic development to high performance. At the least they include:

    • Determining strategic drivers for organizational growth & change
    • Leading and conducting organizational performance assessments
    • Defining and recommending organizational designs and structures
    • Defining roles, responsibilities, job descriptions and competencies, and performance metrics
    • Assessing and designing improved talent integration processes and functions
    • Assessing and designing on-boarding and in-boarding training, re-current training and knowledge progression, career path and succession plans
    • Assessing and implementing Shared Service Centers or outsourced capabilities to support cost-effective, yet flexible, high-performance HC services
    • Selecting and implementing a wide variety of HCIT and learning systems
  • Behavioral Effectiveness & Error Management

    Behavioral Effectiveness & Error Management

    It is often said that the key to business is certainly doing the right thing faster and better than your competition - it is our premise that consistently doing the right things faster, better and with the least amount of errors is the real competitive edge. A productive organization hinges on the effectiveness of its people and we see that the organizations that adopt a people-centric approach win. This mindset encourages deeper thinking on key people issues and produces a better understanding of the key influencers of effective human performance.

    Our work in this practice often starts at a "HIGH" level with company vision and values and works down to an overview of behavioral improvement fundamentals - both organizationally and individually.

    Typically, our solutions couple the more recent advances in the understanding of human behavior with the advances in management and technologies to forge a stronger link between human capital management and the value generated for customers, owners, employees, and partners. Our objective in this area of work is to build a sustainable solution that will improve performance, change with evolutions of the company, and constantly add value to the client experience through a better performing employee.