Consulting Services

Geographic Information Systems

Let’s collaborate and use world-class geospatial technologies to support your utility’s infrastructure, analytics, federal regulations and commitment to public safety.


Sure Power has an industry-proven track record of delivering impactful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) subject matter expertise to our Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas clients. Our team provides decades of combined experience, with a focus in the GIS pipeline and utility industries. Consultants can meet customer needs ranging from high level assessments on GIS requirements to large scale projects including data integrations and software implementations. Our goal is to provide your organization with industry leaders and innovators to help facilitate GIS modernization and streamlining data management workflows. We have a pool of talented individuals who can be the solution to your GIS problem…today.


ESRI MEDSure Power is a proud member of the ESRI Partner Nework.  With a commanding presence within the Energy, Utility, and Oil & Gas sectors, ESRI is the perfect complement to Sure Power Consulting’s commitment to expanding our GIS services and solutions capabilities to current and future clients.


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  • GIS Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems Analysts
  • GIS Analysts
  • GIS Developers
  • Integrity Engineers
  • Conversion Leads

  • Functional Leads
  • Database Administrators
  • Technical Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Reporting Developers
  • GIS Trainers
  • Midstream / Pipeline

    Midstream / Pipeline

    Integrity Management Program (IMP) Planning and Support
    Probabilistic or Relative Pipeline Risk Assessments
    Federal and State Audit or Reporting Support
    MAOP Validation Design and Implementation
    Pipeline and Utility Field Data Collection and Integration
    Third Party Transmission Software Support
    Data Migrations/Conversions
    PODS, APDM and UPDM Data Model Support
    Software Assessments and Recommendations
    Survey or Pipeline Inspection Alignment and Integrations (ILI, CIS, ECDA, DA)
    Risk Data Collection, Management and Integration
    Asset Management/Integrations
    GIS Analysts
    Integrity Engineers
  • Gas Distribution

    Gas Distribution

    Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) Planning and Support
    Pipeline and Utility Field Data Collection and Integration
    Asset Management/Integrations
    Work Order Management
    Data Migration/Conversions
    Gas Distribution and UPDM Data Model Support
    Third Party Software Implementations/Customization
    Custom Field Applications
    Leak Integration Workflows and Custom Tools
    Custom Software Development
    GIS Analysts/Developers
  • Electric


    Electric Distribution and Transmission Data Model Support
    Asset Management/Integrations
    Data Migration/Conversions
    Third Party Software Implementation/Customization/Training
    GIS Analysts/Developers
    Custom Field Data Collection Tools
    Custom Field Applications
    Storm Response
  • Upstream / Exploration

    Upstream / Exploration

    Land/Lease Management

    Well Mapping

    Database Modeling/Data Migrations

    Field Access and Mobile Deployment

    Offshore Data Integration

    ROW/Easement Management


  • Data Management / Integration

    Data Management / Integration

    GIS Data Conversion and Migration
    Large scale GIS Data Integrations
    Data Model Recommendations & Best Practice
    Database Design and Consulting
    GIS Data Quality Evaluation
    Database Tuning and Support
  • Infrastructure / Technology

    Infrastructure / Technology

    Implementation of Hosted or Cloud Based GIS Solutions
    GIS Custom Application Development
    Custom Field Applications
    IOS Development
    Business Case Development
    ESRI Software Implementation
    Pipeline and Utility Software Support
    System Architecture and Design
    GIS and Software Training
    IT Support
    GIS Conflation
    Needs Assessment
    Requirement Assessment
    Strategic Planning
    System Design/Upgrade
    Project Management