NV Energy Signals Demand Reductions

Leave a comment / Posted By dsomerville on August 18, 2012

A decade of demand-response growth has generated benefits and  created new challenges. Las Vegas, Nevada, has a well-deserved reputation as the embodiment of excess  consumption, from its myriad buffets to its lavish pool parties. Las Vegas also  is gaining a reputation for shaping how and when energy is consumed through its  innovative use of demand...

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The Economics Behind Oil and Gas Business Strategies

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How Nat Gas Producers are Beating Low Prices As the country’s fortunes brighten, more oil and gas will be required to feed a recovery. While there’s a newfound abundance of both, the economics behind finding those resources and then delivering them are tricky. Just what are the business strategies that go into such potential development?...

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The Power Grid: From Rickety to Resilient

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August 14, 2003 was a brutally hot day in much of the northeastern U.S. The high temperatures prompted people in cities like Pittsburgh and New York to crank up the fans and the air conditioning. The electricity those appliances consumed put unusually high demands on the transmission grid, forcing power plants to work overtime. The...

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The “last mile” of a smarter grid

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Consumer adoption still lags behind utility deployment Sending another issue of Intelligent Utility magazine off to the printer often offers the opportunity for reflection. As the July/August 2012 issue went to press, I realized that we are just two issues away from completing our fourth year covering the journey this evolving industry is taking. Electric...

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Smart Grid’s Big Data Opportunities Still Untapped

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An Oracle utility survey finds many collecting smart meter data but fewer doing useful things with it. North American utilities may be collecting unprecedented amounts of data from their millions of new smart meters — 18,000 percent more data, to be exact. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually doing anything with it. Those are some...

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What Is the Smart Grid?

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Many people are asking, “What is the Smart Grid?” Many more are trying to define it with short “sound bite” descriptions. These short statements cannot adequately convey the level of detail needed to provide a clear understanding. The Smart Grid isn’t a thing but rather a vision and to be complete, that vision must be...

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