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While Sure Power associates are often specialists in their field, all are recruited because they possess attributes central to our relentless pursuit of quality.









Consultant FAQ

Does Sure Power require that I relocate?

No. However, Sure Power has clients across the US and Canada which often require the Consultant to travel weekly.

Will Sure Power send my resume to Clients without my approval?

No. Sure Power will obtain prior approval EVERY time they send your resume to a client.

What kind of weekly work schedule can I expect?

Consultants that are traveling weekly can expect the ‘typical’ schedule to be Monday-Thursday x 10 (ten) hours/day. For Local (non-travel) Consultants, a Monday-Friday x 8 (eight) hours/day is the norm. There are exceptions to this schedule depending on the clients’ expectations.

Can I work remotely?

This is a Client specific requirement; however you should plan to be on-site 40 hours/week.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

Again, this is a Client specific requirement. In general, Consultants will be reimbursed for actual expenses when travel is required. With some assignments, the hourly rate negotiated will be all-inclusive, meaning the Consultant should increase their hourly rate to cover anticipated expenses. Sure Power will always let the Consultant know what kind of rate they are negotiating.

Does Sure Power work with 1099s?

No. Sure Power only works with Corp-2-Corp Contractors and W-2 Contract Employees.

How do I enter my time and expenses (if applicable)?

Sure Power uses a web-based tool for Time and Expense entry and reporting, which can be accessed via the self-service link on this page. There may be additional Time and Expense entry tools required by the Client.

How do I use the time and expense portal?

You will be assigned and emailed a user name and password once you have accepted a position with a Client. For help using the tool please refer to the following: SPC Consultant Guide for Entering Time and SPC Consultant Guide for Entering Expenses.

Can W-2 contract employees receive their paycheck via direct deposit?

Yes. In fact, Sure Power only remits payment to Contract Employees via Direct Deposit. The Contract Employee will fill out and return to Sure Power the Direct Deposit Authorization form found at: Employee Direct Deposit/ACH Authorization Form. The email address to send the form to once complete is accounting@surepowerconsulting.com.

What payroll schedule does Sure Power use for W-2 contract employees?

Sure Power’s payroll schedule is bi-weekly on Fridays for the preceding two weeks.

Where can I, as a W-2 contract employee, see my paystub?

Sure Power uses the 3rd party payroll provider ADP. Once on a project, the Contract Employee will be given access to ADP for Pay Stub viewing.

I'm a W-2 contract employee. When am I available for Health/Dental benefits?

W-2 Contract Employees become eligible to enroll in Sure Power’s Health and Dental plan with Humana after 90 days of continuous billing on an assigned project.

Will I be paid for time off?

As a Consultant, you will only be paid for hours that Sure Power can bill to the Client.

Where can I get more information about how to Incorporate?

Should a Consultant choose to be a Corp-2-Corp Contractor, it is the responsibility of the individual to take the proper steps to register and incorporate, as well as report, file, and pay all taxes as required by the IRS or CRA. There are many on-line companies that can assist in the set-up i.e. Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, etc. Additionally, Sure Power recommends that all Consultants engage a CPA for tax advice and preparation.

When and where do Corp-2-Corp Contractors send invoices to Sure Power for payment?

Sure Power uses a 4 week – 4 week – 5 week fiscal calendar (Fiscal Calendar C2C 2012). The C2C Contractor should send an invoice to accounting@surepowerconsulting.com at the end of the Fiscal Period.

What payment terms can I, as a Corp-2-Corp Contractor, expect from Sure Power?

Sure Power pays all Corp-2-Corp Contractors Net 30. Meaning, Corp-2-Corp Contractors will receive payment within 30 (thirty) days of Sure Power receiving a correct invoice.

Can I as a Corp-2-Corp Contractor receive payment for my invoice via Direct Deposit/ACH?

Yes. Sure Power prefers paying C2C Contractors via ACH. To enroll, please complete the Corp-to-Corp ACH Authorization Form and return to accounting@surepowerconsulting.com.

Does Sure Power have a Referral Program?

Yes. For active/billing Consultants, Sure Power has a Referral Program (link to Referral Page) that provides an opportunity to earn additional income by helping Sure Power and its Clients find and add valuable resources to their teams.

I'm interested in contributing into a 401K Plan? Does Sure Power offer a 401K to contract employees?

Yes! Sure Power has partnered with Tanner & Associates and Charles Schwab to offer our W2 employees an attractive option for tax-deferred retirement savings. Eligible employees are able to to make elective deferrals on the first day of the calendar month following two (2) months of employment.

Will I be provided a laptop during my engagement?

This is a client specific requirement. Some clients provide laptops and others will require the consultants to provide their own laptop.

What is the background investigation process for Sure Power?

All of our consultants will be required to participate in a Background Investigation. The specific requirements vary by client.